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Detroit Corporate Event Photo Booth Rental

Detroit Corporate Event Photo Booth Rental

Detroit Photo Booth Rentals will make your corporate event a great time. We take pride in making the event the most boring team bonding workshops into a time that will in infamy be timeless as people pose in front of our camera. Though the your fellow employees could be a bit more restrained, we think the props can allow them lose their inhibitions and photograph some interesting poses to put on the bulletin board in the lunch room in the office newsletter.

Ah the Corporate Event, made famous by TV programs like Mad Men, and made infamous by the common story that starts with "We recall at the company Holiday Party when...". We are fond of company event photo booths. While generally this pack can be a bit more refined in from of fellow co-workers, these people still know how to let loose. While the definition of fun at a company outing has altered in the past few years, the photo booth will undoubtedly add a little something special to the outing.

Detroit Trade Show Photo Booth Rental

Detroit Photobooth has been used for anything from office parties, corporate retreats, or company fundraisers. Our booth is a frequent stop during the event as party goers want time away from the office noise and take part in some excitement in front of the camera. What can be more exciting than wearing a funny hat and honking the clown nose on the executive's face? The photo booth is a place where positions means nothing. Where capturing a breath of excitementin the monotony of day to day life is what it is all about. We bring a lot more beyond the camera though. We have an optional friendly staff that will carefully consider to your wants for the outing.

In fact, if you give us enough notice and an WiFi connection, we can play Spotify on our computer. While we aren't a professional DJ, why waste the extra money when we can do the same thing for you. We can keep the peppy music you desire to keep your outing exciting at no additional cost to yourouting.

Detroit Holiday Party Photo Booth Rental

Need an different theme for the company's next event? How about a decade themed outing? There's nothing like capturing a few photos during a 90s pop song. Have your fellow co-workers dust off their old rhinestone jacket for a 70s party. Maybe find those L.A. Gear high tops and host an 80s party. And what better way to snap you and your co-workers in your bell bottoms than a cityx Photobooth. We can do corporate America just fine or we can let loose and let loose with you and your company. Our customers will tell you that cityx Photobooth is a must have at your next event.

When you or others you know are planning Trade Show, give us a call at 844-717-4686 to hear more about our offerings in your area.

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